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●Enterprise tenet:

Put quality and customer first, abide by contracts,struggle corporately, develop innovatively.

● Enterprise concept:

Seek benefit through management, seek survival through quality, seek development through reputation.

●Enterprise spirit:

Integrity and diligence, practicability and innovation.

●Enterprise aim:

Innovate practically, seek increasing perfection, supply more and better products to people of countries all over the world, make new contributions for promoting the prosperity and development of local economy, strive for building international first-class food enterprise,strengthening national industry,improving human’s living quality and building a harmonious society.

●Enterprise core values:

Make staff successful, return customers,make contributions to society,benefit mankind.

●Policy of safe production:

Put safety and prevention at the first place, govern comprehensively.

Aim of safe production:no risk, no violation, no accident.

●Policy of occupational health and safety:

Put people first, put safety first, observe regulations and discipline, check erroneous ideas at the outset,sound the alarm bell, build harmony together.

Aim of occupational health and safety:put an end to major casualties and accident of electric shock, rate of employment with certificates for special work post is 100%.

●Quality policy:

Put quality and integrity first, innovate managing technology, ensure satisfaction of customers, insist on continuous improvement.

●Quality aim:

The qualification rate of products is 100%, the inspection qualification rate is 100%, customer satisfaction rate is not less than 98%, customer satisfaction rate increases by 0.5% every year within three years.

●Policy of environmental protection:

Protect environment, benefit mankind, save energy and reduce emission, benefit nation and people, live by low-carbon style, develop continuously, make China and Jianyuan beautiful.

●Aim of environmental protection:

Meet the national standard for controlling pollution sources, meet standard for pollutant discharge, meet national and industrial safety and sanitation standard for the monitoring and governance of hazardous gases,dusts and noises in workplace, put an end to pollution accidents.

●9S scene management activities:


●Activity manifesto:

Participate totally, practice 9S, fulfill duties, standardize management, insist continuously, struggle vigorously, form a habit, promote quality, develop rapidly, gather momentum.

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