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● In April 1988, we founded a grocery company mainly sells dry and fresh fruits, vegetables, vermicelli, etc.

● In January 1989, it was renamed as “Shandong Zhaoyuan Grocery company”.

● In April 1991, it became a subsidiary company of “Zhaoyuan County Supply And Marketing Fruit Corporation”.

● In 1992, “Shandong Zhaoyuan Grocery Company”was rebuilt.

● In December 1998, we made joint stock system reform and our company was renamed as “Yantai Jincheng Foods Co., Ltd”. We introduced a full set of most advanced vermicelli production line with main steps of vermicelli shaping, freezing and drying from Taiwan. We firstly carried out the transform of Longkou vermicelli production from traditional manual workshop to modern and large scale factory.

● In January 2003, sino-foreign joint venture Shandong Jianyuan Foods Co., Ltd was founded. We introduced domestic advanced vermicelli, rice vermicelli production lines and precise instruments and equipment. Isolated, sanitary and standard production environment was realized and it had reached to export enterprise qualified standard.

● In March 2008, we introduced production lines of pea (green bean) edible protein, dietary fiber and starch and became the first enterprise which produce pea protein through biological fermentation method. We firstly realized upgrade and update of peas deep processing production technology in China.

● On August 13, 2014, “Shandong Jianyuan Health Industry Co., Ltd.” was founded.

● On June 03, 2015, “Shandong Jianyuan Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.” was founded.

● On July 29, 2015, “Shandong Jianyuan Health Industry Group”, which is called “Shandong Jianyuan Group” for short was established. The parent company is “Shandong Jianyuan Health Industry Co., Ltd.”. The subsidiary companies are “Shandong Jianyuan Bioengineering Co., Ltd.”, “Shandong Jianyuan Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.” and “Shandong Jincheng Investment Co., Ltd.”.

● On February 16, 2016, “Yantai Jincheng Foods Co., Ltd.” was changed as “Shandong Jincheng Investment Co., Ltd.”. The transformation of our company was completed.

● On April 01, 2016, “Shandong Jianyuan Foods Co., Ltd.” was changed as “Shandomng Jianyuan Bioengineering Co., Ltd.”. We are ready for being listed on the new three board.

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