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Management advantage

1.The implementation of business strategy of “guided by modern biotechnology,driven by agriculture industrialization”.

2.Practice of development concept of “massive nutrition, massive health”.

3.Build office automatic, digital electronic monitoring management system and quality tracing system, carry out “9S”scene management activities, clean production activities and safety standardization and E-commerce activities.

4.Put forward slogans of “quality is the lifeline of an enterprise” and “grasp safety, guarantee quality, reduce cost, increase benefits”, implement the process control.

5.Pass many international system certifications, safety standardization and clean production activities acceptance check.

Technical advantage

1.We have established close cooperation relations with national soybean engineering technology research center, Chinese academy of agriculture science, China agriculture university, Zhejiang university, Ocean university of China and so on and built enterprise technology center which has more than 32 scientific and technical staff. They mainly spread research activities according to two big scientific research subjects of “comprehensive exploitation and utilization of edible legume resources” and “plant extracts and health industry”. Through more than five years of technology research and development and technology improvement, they finally form a set of mature pea deep processing production technology of biological fermentation method combined with rapid water soluble heat separation technology which has reached international leading level, filled the blank of the industry, passed Shandong province scientific and technical achievements appraisal and declared national patent.

2.Our company firstly introduced IC anaerobic technology for treating sewage, achieved energy conservation and emission reduction, vigorously develop circular economy at the same time, implement marsh gas recovery which uses vapor generated from biogas boiler for drying products and tail water which is concentrated and extracted into liquid fertilizer for urban landscaping and farm irrigation. The liquid fertilizer replaces current fertilizers, realizes the four seasons of evergreen flowers and grasses and improves land pollution. We devote to researching new energy fuel which is purified and filtered from marsh gas in order to improve the quality of atmosphere and soil and bring benefits for future generations.

Product advantage

1.We introduce North American Non-GMO peas and manufacture edible protein, functional protein, selenium-enriched protein, organic protein, functional fibers, modified starch and so on by adopting original technology. The products are sold to European and American markets, African market and Southeast Asian market. Our products are called “ soft gold in bean products” which are non allergen, rich in selenium, iron, vitamin E, vitamin C and alkaline necessary lysine, with low anti-nutritional factors,without estrogen. Our products’ quality,taste, security, absorbency, functionality and so on are enjoyed and praised by domestic and foreign customers. They enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad. We become the first supplier of global high quality pea protein and pioneer of comprehensive utilization of edible bean industry.

2.Till 2009,our company has had annual production capacity of 2000 tons edible protein, 1800 tons dietary fibers and 5000 tons starch. In May of 2016, our company plans to invest 440 million yuan to build a peas comprehensive deep processing expansion project with production capacity of 120,000 tons per year and build a modern park of global nutrition food professional processing.

3.In the future five years, our company will devote to deep research and development of nutritional and functional properties of pea protein and other plant proteins,vigorously develop hydrolyzed protein peptide and medical protein, develop in medical field, covering all areas of health industry, bring nutrition and health both at home and abroad.

Talent advantage

1.There are one doctor, three masters, seven persons with middle and senior professional titles, four external technical experts and two foreign management personnel in our talent team. All kinds of professional and technical personnel occupy 30.5% of total employees. Leading team is young.

2.We often organize internal training and external training to make employees learn new knowledge and better adapt job demand and enterprise development.

3.We insist principles of choosing and employing persons of “retaining talents through regime, treatment and emotion”, develop mentoring spirit of “older employees guide new employees and new employees promote older employees”, pay attention to talents’career planning and concern about the growth of employees.

4.Enterprise employees are stable, the relationship between superiors and subordinates is harmonious, the team is positive and we develop corporately.

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