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“The people is the foundation of a country, people regard food as their prime want, food must be safe first.”

Shandong Jianyuan Group promise seriously:

1.Observe professional ethics,produce and sell safe foods.

Make sure “ be proud of honesty and trustworthiness, be ashamed of venality”and reflect it in enterprise decision, enterprise management and enterprise production, produce and sell trustworthy foods for customers.  

2.Observe laws and regulations,accept social supervision.

In the process of production and operation of our enterprise,consciously observe state laws and regulations, consciously accept the supervision of government monitoring department and customers, publish standards of enterprise’s product quality and service quality to society, put processes of enterprise’s production and operation under the supervision of customers. 

3.Strictly operate and manage enterprise, ensure product quality.

Possess production environment and production technical facilities which can guarantee food quality, make sure that various links for producing and selling foods conform to national standard, make sure that food quality meets the requirements of people’s life safety and health.  

4.Strictly control material’s quality, put an end to food contamination

Make sure that raw materials and additives which are used for producing foods conform to national’s standard, strictly execute purchasing and supplying policies of raw materials and auxiliary materials,make sure that foods are clean, safe, non-poisonous, harmless and conform to sanitary standard in the process of food packing, transportation and storage. 

5.Improve service system, be responsible to the end.

Draw up and perfect emergency response plan and recall system for food safety incidents. For example, if there is food quality problem,promptly take effective measures to remedy the problem and actively undertake corresponding legal responsibility. Establish and perfect after-sales service,compensate customer’s loss according to law, really protect consumer’s legitimate rights and interests.

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