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Fitness training and nutrition

Date:9/3/2016 05:54 PM

Body muscles should be particularly developed. This is the result of a vigorous increase in exercise intensity, known as progressive overload. No doubt, this exercise will inevitably destroy a large number of cells and other human body tissue components and consume a lot of energy. However, consumption is less than some other strenuous exercise.

Athletes who participate in the competition, the body of fat to be unusually small. Average fat content and body weight ratio of about 20-25%; average athlete is about 15%; bodybuilding athletes are often as low as 8 a 9%l minimum of 6% a 5. Since it doesn't have to burn a lot of fat, it's necessary to strictly limit the intake of calories from food. On the other hand, since the loss of a lot of aerobics training, we must take a lot of protein and various enough micronutrients. The body produces the main super compensation can make muscle and physical strength than the original level.

Common situation is: many athletes lack a good eating habits. They often have the following two kinds of wrong views; one is to overcome the opponent, must eat something unusual, or special supplements; the two is that if the food is good, eat more will benefit more but they often ignore the basic points of good nutrition. It is a balanced diet that provides all the nutrients needed to produce excess calories. They love to eat more calories and lack more nutritious food. Although they are strenuous exercise, will consume those calories, but they no longer strenuous exercise, many of them, because there is no change in eating habits in order to adapt to the new situation, and finally become a fat man.

A bodybuilding athlete is a consequence of a bad eating habit. If their diet, the lack of essential nutrients and can be mostly, then, a game on the table will make people see: subcutaneous fat layer is too thick, the muscle is not plump enough, the line is not obvious.

Generally speaking, the Aerobics athletes need to meet the basic requirements of nutrition, a balanced diet. But the need for more protein and its exercise intensity than the ordinary people need a lot of heat supply, they must strictly follow this eating requirements.

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