Pea Protein Isolate
Pea Protein Isolate
Advanced Pea Protein Solution And Supply
Product Category : JYPF series, HYPF series

Application : beverage, nutrition bars, sports supplement, plant-based meat applications etc

Jianyuan’s pea protein is made from non-GM yellow peas from North America. The production process is completely natural and has resulted in a unique line of smooth flavors and functional products. Pea protein is 100% vegan and is allergen free making it suitable for all age groups. Applications range from weight control products to fortified liquid beverages to nutritional bars to meat analogs. Pea has a phenomenal amino acid profile and is easily dispersed in most liquid mediums.
Our strengths
>Experienced research and development team with a strong understanding of process dynamics and retail application
>Production experience that applies traditional and modern techniques to achieve remarkable quality and efficiency
>Customer centric focus that allows for unparalleled service and satisfaction